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  1. Dec 07,  · I have always zero'd PCCs (most of which wear RDS, FWIW) at 50 yards and continue to do so. The article forever4 posted above (I've seen it a few times, here and elsewhere) makes a very strong argument for 25yd zero IMHO and, honestly, if I were starting over again today from scratch, I'd go with that. As it is, I've been using 50yds for a very long time and am quite used to it and, beeing a.
  2. Nov 11,  · Oof. Subscribe for DANK videos! TWITCH - taukreeishnwynnirin.infoinfo TWITTER - taukreeishnwynnirin.infoinfo INSTAGRAM - taukreeishnwynnirin.infoinfo
  3. Nov 28,  · Zeroing a 9mm AR Carbine by LTC Chuck Santose gr 9mm Parabellum, (not gr 9mm NATO for this one.) Recommend you zero at 25 yards. With this zero the bullet is no more than an inch from line of sight (the dot or your iron sights) from about 15 yards to yards. That is the bullet is under [inside, not lower] the dot at all times.
  4. Jun 16,  · Molon said: ↑. The 9mm Parabellum at 50 Yards. The fact is, that the 9mm Parabellum cartridge (aka 9mm Luger, 9x19mm) is every bit as accurate as the 45 ACP cartridge. The issue is, that there aren’t very many mass produced 9mm handguns that are capable of utilizing the intrinsic accuracy of the 9mm Parabellum cartridge.
  5. Aug 14,  · We recommend zeroing all pistol red dots at 10 yards as that's about the average range most people are shooting pistols. For a 9mm (gr) with a 10 yard zero, this is what your trajectory's look like. Very nice zero. You have a ~2" hit area from point blank all the way to 75 taukreeishnwynnirin.infoinfo>.
  6. May 09,  · I'm currently working up 9mm loads on a single shot TC. Haven't been doing this long but, here's the basics that I can relate. The 9mm has a tendency to build pressure with such a short little case, watch your crimp, too much can raise pressure. Bullet seating depth also increases pressure if you're using a bulky powder(I'm in Bullseye and N).
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