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  1. Best of YouTube Music テクパラ ABEATC TECHNO MEDLEY / SOUND&VISION ITALY 【テクショー】【WE LOVE TECHPARA】 various techno and Views:
  2. The Best Of Gazen ParaPara & We Love TechPara(tanasaurusrex) taukreeishnwynnirin.infoinfo Yuki - Unbalance taukreeishnwynnirin.infoinfo Man - Bad Bad Bad taukreeishnwynnirin.infoinfo Stanton - Saturday Time taukreeishnwynnirin.infoinfom - Fight Fire With Fire 5. Independence Days - So What! taukreeishnwynnirin.infoinfo - Vampire taukreeishnwynnirin.infoinfoy - Crash Boom Burn Me Up taukreeishnwynnirin.infoinfo Foster - Kong taukreeishnwynnirin.infoinfo - Ready Steady Go! DJ Zorro Vs. La Cima.
  3. Oct 19,  · The Best of Eurobeat Flash The Best of Eurobeat Flash The Best of Euromach The Best of Euromach Super Eurobeat Presents Super GT First Round Further, thanks so much ShadowTheHedgehog! Getting SEB back would be the hardest task I thought. I had a lot of ParaPara albums too, which are mostly gone. So sad that was my favorite.
  4. Disc 2: The Best Of We Love TechPara 1. Various - We Love TechPara Special Mega-Mix Perfect Stage 2. Gramorous Pafait - Hyper Techno Jewelry 3. Blue Scorpion Feat. Zexy - Show Me Love (Mission "HMX" Re-Edit) 4. DJ Zorro - El Paso (Mission "HMX" Re-Edit) 5. Platinum Saber - Lo Squalo 6. DJ Zorro Vs. La Cima - Disco Infierno 7. DJ Zorro - Tequila 8.
  5. Videos that only show TechPara will be listed (ie WLTP, Shall We Dance, TechPara Shotgun etc.) and not Gazen/Chozen etc. In each video, the dancers of each song, if known, are listed. Video by CD Database. This HTML database goes by each major eurobeat CD and lists the parapara video(s) associated with each song on the CD.
  6. Jul 13,  · Anyone got a flac rip of We Love Techpara 70 minutes 70 songs? been wanting that one for a while since I have flac rips of 1 - 6 and Jewelry Style this one has always slipped my grasp though Yeah I do, I'll start uploading them right away.
  7. Various / CD1 - The Best of Gazen ParaPara DJ Zorro vs La Cima - Disco Infierno () kBit/s DJ Zorro - Tequila () Имя файла G:\Various - CD2 - The Best of We Love taukreeishnwynnirin.infoinfo Пиковый уровень % Качество диапазона %.

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